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For this day, there are not many approaches to see your Blu-Ray collection in your computer without shelling out cash for the privilege, even if you already have a Blu-Ray drive and purchased your own movies. Instead, it's easier to split your Blu-Rays to your own computer and play them in whatever program you want.

In this manner, you do not have to swap discs, you can play your movies in almost any app you want, and you may even stream them to your other devices. You may even add your previous DVD collection. If you want to rip your DVDs, this process will work as well, but we'll concentrate on Blu-Rays--our recommended procedure for DVDs is a bit different.

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What You Will Need:

You'll need a few tools to be able to start ripping your Blu-Ray collection. Before you begin, Make Certain you have set up the following:

A Blu-Ray drive. If your computer came with any disc drive in any way, it was likely a DVD drive. But, you are going to need a Blu-Ray reader so as to rip your Blu-Ray discs (obviously). Fortunately, you can purchase them online for under $60. If you would like to burn your own Blu-Ray discs, you will want a drive that can read and write to clean Blu-Rays, but we'll assume you only want to store them on your hard disk.

MakeMKV: This program, available for both Windows and macOS, rips your Blu-Rays into an make mkv registration key file. That is it. MakeMKV offers a free beta which works for 30 days, but that is somewhat misleading. Each month, you may either download the latest version of the beta or trigger the program using the most recent beta crucial in the conversation. MakeMKV claims that it's only a beta product, but it's been in"beta" for decades, so it might stay free for quite a while. Right now, you shouldn't have to pay for this app.

Handbrake: MakeMKV will split off your Blu-Ray movie just as it is on the disk, which can be over 20 or 30GB in size. Thus, we'll use Handbrake to compress your MKV files to something a little more manageable, without losing much quality. It's not strictly necessary, but it is a waste of tools to store play, and flow huge media files if you do not need to.

This is all you need. As soon as you've got all three of these things installed, grab your favorite Blu-Ray movies and begin.

Measure One: Rip Your Own Blu-Ray With MakeMKV

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First, you will have to do a simple rip off your Blu-Ray. MakeMKV is a dead simple program that does one thing very well: make a full size, 1080p MKV media file from your Blu-Ray disc. You may also watch it if you prefer, but it's probably better if you shrink it down a bit later.

To split your picture, set the disk on your Blu-Ray drive and start MakeMKV. Click this to scan the names on your own disk.

After MakeMKV is completed scanning for titles, you will see a listing of these at the left panel of the program. It is possible to choose which names you want to rip here. This list will include exceptional features, deleted scenes, and whatever else on the disc. It may take a little guesswork to figure out which tracks are which, but in the event that you just want the film, it's probably the really major track that takes up around 20-30GB around the disk. Select just the tracks you wish to split.

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